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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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[ applause ] >> hi, everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. thank you very much. it's been a long weather week, a long everything week. good to have you on board folks as we celebrate friday, right? >> you're telling me, long weather week. >> and more to come. >> you lay in bed and start hearing the rain, and you start working even then and on the timing of the system. a new area is coming into the bay area. 10" of rain in the past five days. we'll tell you how much more to expect. >> and it makes for a lot easier driving conditions today. i say that as we look at a very foggy shot of the golden gate bridge. so the roads are for the most part dry but foggy conditions on the bridges. golden gate i noticed some fog across the bay bridge this morning, as well. so something else weather- related to watch out for. otherwise, we're clear at this time. >> all right, sounds good. thank you. well, new this morning, after a day of delays yesterday -- >> 3, 2, 1 -- and liftoff! >> there we go. nasa's orion finally took off
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about 30 minutes ago from cape canaveral. this was the second attempt to launch the unmanned rocket. high winds and technical problems forced it to scrub yesterday. this is just a test flight. it's designed to carry people to destinations such as asteroids, the moon and perhaps even mars. >> my dad was there so he was excited that it finally launched. a san leandro police officer is recovering after being struck by a car allegely driven by a 16-year-old girl. as for that teen suspect, she faces serious charges. joe vazquez has more on hit-and- run that shocked police. >> it was like pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: aaron heard the commotion and took these pictures with his cell phone. a san leandro police officer on an ambulance stretcher in the moments after he was run over by a car. he is clearly in pain. police opened fire on the driver. she is injured but it's not clear whether she was hit by
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bullets. she is just a teen. >> i'm very surprised. we do see kids commit violent crimes. in this case i'm surprised to see that it's someone 16 years old who is driving a stolen car and was willing to run over a police officer to get away. >> reporter: police say a neighbor called in to report a suspicious car in the intersection of broadmoor and kennel worth. when officers approached, they say a 19-year-old man who was sleeping inside took off running. police caught him after a brief scuffle. investigators say the 16-year- old girl who was still inside the car gunned the gas, one officer jumped out of the way but the car hit a second cop. an 18-year veteran of the department running over his legs. >> i think it's scary. i'm really sorry for the officer who got run over. i'm a little concerned that they would just charge a weapon into a speeding car in a residential area. that seems like it could have gone a lot of different ways. >> reporter: the officer was seriously injured in his legs.
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he had surgery yesterday. there will be more to come in the next few weeks. in san leandro, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> both suspects will face attempted murder of a police officer. it's not clear if the 16-year- old will be tried as an adult. people taking to the streets again last night protesting that new york grand jury decision not to indict a police officer for the death of a man. protestors staged a die-in at the powell and market street intersection in san francisco and in oakland demonstrators marched from downtown into east oakland. in sacramento this man in the "hands up, don't shoot!" pose was one of a couple of dozen protestors who faced police. this was on interstate 5 freeway. it was closed for about 10 minutes. there were protests in several major cities across country including a large protest in new york. don champion was there. reporter: a steady stream of protestors disrupted traffic in new york city's west side highway for the second night.
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earlier in the night the mostly peaceful demonstrations took a turn in times square where police made several arrests. others rally ford eric garner at the site of the staten island ferry and marched down city streets. >> enough is enough. our people are getting murdered every day and i'm just sick and tired of it. >> reporter: anger over a grand jury's decision not to indict nypd officer daniel pantaleo in garner's death continues to spill over to other cities across the nation. thousands of people of all races pushed for change at boston's christmas tree lighting. >> we need to get the message across even people that don't think this directly affects them. >> reporter: officer pantaleo testified before the grand jury for two hours about what happened here in july when he took garner down as cameras rolled. he maintains it was not a chokehold he was using but a maneuver he learned at the police academy. >> is that in fact within the framework of what we teach our officers in terms of how do you take down a person you're
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attempting to arrest? >> reporter: in an interview with cbs' scott pelley, new york city police commissioner bill bratton says the department is investigating. the nypd will also retrain thousands of its officers in using less force when possible. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> and to find that officer criminally negligent, the grand jury would have had to determine he knew there was a substantial risk that garner would die. pantaleo's lawyer and police union officials say garner's poor health was the cause of his death. parts of southern california are still feeling the effects of the storm that moved through the state this week. look at this. flash floods trapped five cars in the mud in riverside county yesterday. drivers tried to navigate through the sludge but most had to wait for help to show up. the bay area is still dealing with the aftermath of our storm. it will take at least four more days to repair a massive sinkhole in san francisco. heavy rains opened up the hole on wednesday and created quite
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the mess on 6th and lake. the sinkhole has become a tourist attraction. schools are even taking field trips to see it. this is what the 30 by 30-foot crater looks like. crews had to make it bigger to fix it. san francisco officials say century old pipes are to what i am. and caltrans crews repaired this pothole on the new bay bridge overnight. it was also caused by rain. three westbound lanes were closed for the work of crews finished repair work hours before the morning 5 a.m. deadline. the good news is the commute this morning rather dry but maybe this afternoon pretty wet, huh? >> we have a little shower here and there out over the open waters that wants to move onshore. i hit one of those showers over the bay bridge this morning. that's the case for the morning commute. for the most part it will be moving in this afternoon and into your evening commute. good morning. at this time, i want to go back five days for you and tally it up. historic rainfall in the bay
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area, oakland with just 3.72." ben lomond over 10 inches of rain. san francisco 4.33" over the past five days. that's more rain that we experienced all 2013. and we have more rain in the forecast today. as i was alluding to, we have hit and miss scattered showers for the morning commute just something very fine but for the most part it will be the afternoon into the evening commute that we will experience the rain developing from the north to the south. temperatures very mild approaching 70 degrees across the bay in oakland all the way through berkeley. 66 in mountain view. winds pick up late day, as well. a little bit breezy up to 15. so we'll have rain tonight. it will taper off early tomorrow morning. then leave us with partial clearing all the way through sunday. we cloud up by sunday night leading to more rainfall on monday. here we go, elizabeth. good morning to you. >> good morning, roberta.
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every day since wednesday's brutal commute we have seen a little improvement and today better so far. with the roads dry all the accidents are cleared out around the bay area. a little bit of overnight roadwork that frank and michelle mentioned, that pothole repair is cleared ahead of schedule so now all is good coming into san francisco from the east bay. caltrans has heavy fog on the span. it looks clear at least at the toll plaza. not the case at the golden gate bridge. hard to tell where we are this morning. but that is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic heading towards the toll plaza. here's a car. one car going northbound. those taillights is northbound traffic into sausalito where it's also reportedly some thick fog on 101. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland, no delays so far near the oakland coliseum and bart is all on time. that is "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> thank you. time now 4:38. police are still looking for three men who brutally beat a homeless man to death in san francisco. as andria borba reports, the
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men may have killed the victim for fun. >> reporter: now that detectives know that robbery wasn't a motive, veterans of the san francisco police department are struggling to understand why three men beat tai lam to death as he slept. >> i'm looking for a homicide suspect. these guys killed a homeless guy. >> it was done out of boredom. >> we don't know where they are from. >> for the thrill of it. >> reporter: outside the montgomery bart station, a search for answers. these people kicked him to death. the video is dark and fuzzy. but it shows the murder of tai lam in all too real detail. detectives say the trio of men first kicked the sleeping homeless polio victim and then in the next video took a smoke break before returning to deliver the final fatal blows that ended lam's life. >> poor innocent victim, who is next? >> reporter: san francisco detectives revealed lam had over $1,000 on him and that his attackers didn't touch it.
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>> got to get some help identifying a suspect in a homicide. thank you very much. >> reporter: at rush hour, flyers were handed out hoping to direct eyes not only to the still photos but the surveillance video online. >> so you might recognize the way somebody smokes or how they move or who knows. >> looking for a homicide suspect who beat a poor homeless guy to death. >> reporter: as detectives try to bring justice to a man who didn't get any. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> police believe the attackers may have been in san francisco for a flash mob event. it happens every month. people bring flasks, drink and walk around town taking pictures. there was a happy reunion while san jose police were shutting down the huge homeless encampment known as the jungle. >> son. >> mom! >> this mom went to the jungle looking for her son. she knew he was homeless and sure enough, she found him.
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at one point, about 200 people called the jungle home. but the city decided it was unsafe, unsanitary unstable and closed it. some of the homeless are in housing arranged by the city but many have migrated from the jungle to the streets and we spotted some of them making themselves at home at the walmart on story road. they have taken to the streets with carts containing all their belongings. the store is not that far from the jungle. time now is 4:41. scary moments for a construction worker in san jose. how she became stuck 22 floors above ground. we want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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week... are impressive. as kpix 5's mike sugerman fd out...all our recent storms simply a drop rain totals from this week are impressive. as kpix 5's mike sugerman found out, all of our recent storms
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are simply a drop in the bucket. >> reporter: wahoo! rain! someone who hasn't been paying attention might think, hey, drought, what drought? look at all this water! but it doesn't really work like that. yeah, a lot of water this week. more than in the past two years total. but we're in a big hole, bigger than this sinkhole. how much? let me try to give you some examples. john, charges. say this represents this box represents california's water needs. even with this week's rain we're only at about 10% of what we really need. in order to get what we need, gentlemen, they are going to need this much more! 90% more of what we have right now. maybe you got a big payday and you go to the bank to pay off your loans. all right?
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here you go. >> great, mike. that's one monthly payment. but you still owe three more years on your loan payment. >> that's not much of a dent, huh? >> not really. you have about three more year's worth of loan payments. >> reporter: here's a national water economist using a banking analogy. >> we're like somebody who is so rich they don't have to balance their checkbook. we're walking around signing checks and not even balancing the checkbook. >> reporter: he calls it a slow- moving train wreck. what, i got to draw you a map? all right. here's a map. the darker the red the more severe drought. this is before this week's rain. and this is after this week's rain. it hasn't changed. we like the rain. rain is good. but what we saw is just a start. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> but it helped. it would take 200 days of normal rain to get to where we need to be. that's every day through the month of july.
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also some experts say this is the worst drought in the state in 1200 years. >> really more important than the rain is the snowpack that makes a difference in the drought, right? >> it is the snowpack. we're going to already see what three feet of snow this week alone in squaw valley and we'll throw that little stick in the snowpack and january and that he is when it really matters. but all rain counts. we want to remind people to conserve. we have more people living in the state of california than ever before and we're all tapping into the same watershed. that's what shakes us up in the bay area. let's look at more raindrops. they are falling in and around the bay area very light but we have a brand-new storm system making tracks towards the bay area and it will provide us with more rainfall. now, right now we're in the 50s across the board. 59 degrees in san francisco. mild out the door. here's what you need to know. carry that umbrella as you head out. we do have areas of fog as well
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this morning. but later today, we'll have the rainfall developing and it will be a messy evening commute. this is the area of low pressure. it's going to erode this area of high pressure. and then this could bring us some more rain showers on monday, as well. now, here we go. this is our futurecast. you see the rainfall. here we go through your morning hours. this is lunch hour a little bit of light precipitation throughout the santa cruz mountains. this is the front that begins to come into the bay area just in time for the commute. there you have 5:00. it will be a rainy evening as well with hit and miss scattered showers. here comes the line by 4:00 on saturday morning. we'll tally up the numbers. looks like we should see up to a half inch throughout santa rosa, novato and san rafael. quarter inch in san francisco. lesser amounts to the south across the santa clara valley. .25" in pleasanton. 66 degrees today with impending rain showers at the state capital. we'll have a rain-snow mix at the lake level with more snow above 7,000 feet. 66 degrees with the rain
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developing in the monterey bay area so very mild conditions. temperatures locally in the mid- 60s in mountain view all the way through redwood city. 63 degrees in napa. and also in san jose. the extended forecast calls for the rain to end on saturday morning leaving us with partial clearing of the skies all the way through sunday. more rain moves back into the picture on monday. elizabeth. thank you, roberta. right now it's dry and it's a quiet start to our friday morning commute. we'll talk about a couple of things that could cause traffic tie-ups this evening when it could get dicey with the weather for the evening commute home. we have basketball kickoff at 6 p.m. at levi's stadium. so 101, 237, you could see some extra delays this morning. on top of that we have a concert in oakland, stevie wonder performs at oracle. that's at 8:00. and you know, the nimitz freeway tends to get backed up anyway so here's a live look at
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880 conditions looking quiet at 4:48 a.m. it's only about 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. all those headlights that's southbound traffic. it still looks clear into hayward on the approach to highway 92. here's a live look at the bay bridge. i mention that pothole repair work wrapped up early. everything is open on westbound 80 heading into san francisco. just slight delays heading across the toll plaza in the far left cash lanes. look at this. it is clear right now through the livermore valley. maybe some few brake lights on 205 out of tracy but not too bad. everything is looking good through the altamont pass out to the dublin interchange. and bart is all on time. more than 22 trains systemwide all no delay and ace train also very quiet so far out of the central valley. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a construction worker was shaken up but not injured after getting stuck hundreds of feet in the air over downtown san jose. she was on a hoist at a high- rise on santa clara and market streets yesterday when it got
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stuck on the 22nd floor. the hoist is an elevator which is on the outside of the building since it's under construction. she never was in any danger. she just couldn't get down at the time and crews eventually freed her. the same construction site had a gas leak just a few weeks ago. it forced thousands of people to evacuate. 4:50 on this friday. being pro-active with your health may not pay off the way you would like it to. the story for anyone who got the flu vaccine will want to hear coming up next. ,, over a million californians have a gotten something that's beend. out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality,
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good morning, it is finally friday! mild today in the 60s with rain this afternoon. good morning, redwood city. you'll top off at 66 degrees
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today. sunnyvale in the mid-60s, as well. campbell, san jose, all temperatures slightly above normal for this time of the year and you will have rain by the evening commute. to the east of the bay area, pleasanton 68 degrees with rain showers by at least 2:00 this afternoon. looking like moraga mid-60s and in the north bay, mostly cloudy skies with rain showers developing in the early afternoon hours. high temperatures topping off in the 50s to the mid-60s. and good morning, san francisco! it's 65 degrees. let's get a check of conditions across the golden gate bridge. once again we have been searching for fog around the bay area and this is one of the foggiest in our traffic cameras. everything is quiet though out of sausalito. we'll have a full check of your morning commute plus mass transit all just minutes away. this year's flu vaccine may not be as effective as in years past because of one strain of the virus that's going across the country. cbs reporter omar villafranca reports. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention
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is alerting doctors that a flu virus strain has emerged this season that doesn't look like the strain in this year's flu vaccine. >> what this may mean is that the vaccine may work less well against flu viruses this year compared to the average year. >> reporter: the cdc says about half the flu samples tested this season are a new h3n2 strain which tends to cause more severe disease especially in very young children and elderly. pregnant women and people with chronic conditions such as asthma and heart disease are also at high risk. federal health officials are asking doctors to be vigilant about prescribing antiviral medications to patients as soon as they develop symptoms. >> it will make the disease shorter and less likely to be hospitalized or die. >> reporter: health experts say it still is important to get vaccinated since a vaccine will provide some protection against the new strain. the vaccine also appears to be a good match against other flu viruses circulating. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas.
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>> the flu vaccine is usually 50 to 70% effective each year. well, the road to the summer olympics for women gymnastics will run through downtown san jose. the u.s. olympic committee has announced women's gymnastics trials will be held at the s.a.p. center set for july 2016 ahead of the games in rio in brazil. san jose hosted the trials for both the men and the women in 2012. the next time the competitions are being separated to give the men's team more time it regroup before the games. men's trials will be held in st. louis in june of 2016. 4:55. still to come, this morning nasa taking a big step towards sending people to mars. we'll let you know what's happening this morning with the orion test mission coming your way. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live in san jose after the jungle encampment shutdown yesterday, a lot of them just walked down the street and set up a new camp. we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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goes pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> moved down in the line of duty. a driver ran over this officer on purpose. and then kept going. and it turns out the person behind the wheel was just a teenager. >> i'm a little concerned that they would just charge a weapon into a speeding car in a residential area. >> the massive sinkhole in san francisco's richmond district keeps getting bigger. it won't be repaired until sometime next week. heavy rains opened the hole and more rain is expected this afternoon. >> people are getting murdered every day and i'm just sick and tired of it. >> reporter: protestors took to the streets and blocked traffic in several major cities during a second night of demonstrations for eric garner. the anger follows wednesday's grand jury decision not to indict a white nypd officer in the apparent chokehold death of eric garner an unarmed black man.
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from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> happy friday, everyone! i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. and you know, two storms just wasn't enough so we decided to have storm number 3 coming our way on this friday, right? >> it's not as big. >> okay. >> but it is definitely another wet system. it should give us a half inch of rain in the bay area. it's in position off the coast of california should be arriving by early this afternoon providing rain showers in the north bay and also the santa cruz mountains. right now we're picking up drizzle. and you know what? most of that is associated with the dense fog we are experiencing in and around the bay area. meanwhile a very mild day temperature-wise into the 60s. so again we have rain developing just in time for your evening commute and then we have rain showers for your saturday morning. partial clearing of the skies
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with perhaps an occasional scattered showers during the day. we'll start off with sunshine on sunday and end up with cloud cover leading to the potential of rain showers on monday. i have to tell you something, folks. if you want to track this system together it's really easy. all you have to do is get the cbs bay area weather app. check conditions in your area. you can actually get realtime radar so that's really cool. search "kpix" and download the cbs bay area weather app now available for iphone and your android. and i'll play along with you. i can converse with people on the app. >> like social media. >> there's another chance to talk. >> we need a traffic app! here's a live look out the door right now. the commute is beginning already out of tracy on 205 and then sluggish out to about north flynn on 580 but we have not seen any big accidents out the door. we have not been able to say that for the past several days. here's a live look at silicon valley drive westbound 237. no delay there. coming through the macarthur maze, i'm not seeing any major problems. we had a deer down on


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